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Text 00447549531766 Whatsapp to get started. FB messenger message NNFOL counseling center or Facetime 00447708080207 for a response within 24 hours.
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Welcome to my online counseling page. My name is Haleema. I am a qualified and experienced online counselor. I specialize in two main areas.

The first being general help, online counseling and guidance for all communities. Most of my clients have families, many are from a specific ethnic background.

These online counseling sessions are related to depression, stress and nervousness brought on by work or relationship issues.

For a free confidential callback please fill in the form below.

This is unlike most online therapy centers where work is mainly done inside the therapy session, my goal is to give my clients the skills and enhance progress after the sessions in real life, real time, just to assess if things are going in the direction the client wishes. The benefits of this is that the client feels genuinely supported.

I work with clients trying to heal using emotionally focused therapy and journaling throughout the therapy program.

It is very rare for a couple to work through their issues in just one session.

June 2022 fees

25 for emotionally focused talk therapy

40 for Assessment, Triggers, Analysis and Talk therapy.

marriage therapy available on weekends.

Each session is 40 minutes, over the phone/email or video call.

This is why I emphasize, if you would like to see how a therapy session works with me with no commitment, I am more than happy to offer a trial therapy session, from which we can move forward with a counseling plan that you can take away and get self help and guidance, or another referral to an external therapy provider, or develop a program of counseling sessions with me. I really am more than happy to help anyone achieve their therapy goals as long as they are co-operative and ready to process their emotional regulation.

I have worked with professionals from all backgrounds, nothing really fazes me. Most clients enjoy that I have a well informed relaxed approach. I have worked with media personalities, college sports athletes, Wall street and UN workers. I see them all as equals and human beings who have a right to their feelings.

Therapy may help you feel heard, process unwanted emotions in a safe and healthy way, explore parts of yourself that once seemed hidden to you and also get another perspective on a difficult situation. Therapy with me does not involve embarrassment or shame. This is why initially therapy will start as voice only calls and eventually develop into video calls to offer you the time to build your trust within the therapy alliance.

I offer therapy mainly on weekends and some early mornings and evenings.

I do not share my public image online, nor do I search anyones profiles on social media, I believe trust and confidentiality are really important.

I have helped almost 800 people so far from 35 countries. This year I am hoping to help 900 individuals get the support that they need.

Latest episode in marriage workshop and counseling

Please fill in form and await response, responses may take upto 48 hours and you will be sent confirmation of your appointment. Payments must be made to reserve a place. The confidentiality may have to be broken for your safeguarding if it is learnt that you’re actively suicidal.

All sessions are via video/phone or email.

Welcome to the NNFOL Counseling Center. I have been an online counselor providing online therapy via videocall and text messaging. 

NNFOL has benefitted and connected with over 1,080 people worldwide, online appointments provide lifetime skills and stability.

Anxiety, workplace, bereavement, relationship and confidence counseling online and emailing.

The benefits of a private counselor is no waiting lists, more flexibility and tailored therapeutic approach.


If you’re not sure and just would like to talk or text about the nature of the service contact nnfoltherapy@gmail.com and if you are looking for suicide or self harm help please contact LifeLine 0808 808 8000



From the very first few messages NNFOL has been so helpful. We got directly down to issues and knew just where to start and where to go. – USA

My counselor was nice and very supportive of me. I feel as if I can get over my problems one step at a time now. – Japan

Helping me with positive messages and always able to provide good help and support. I can’t wait until our next session together. She sounds like a really nice person. and I think I should be able to get better soon at this rate! – USA

She was really nice, and helped me with mental exercises to help me when I feel overwhelmed. Looking forward to our next session. – Spain

A great Listener I feel a little bit better with all the words of encouragement given.- USA

Prior to getting counseling I wasn’t sure how or where my life was heading but now I’ve been able to share my thoughts and feelings I’ve been able to have someone help me stand back and try understand why I feel the way I do and other actions. I’m not sure where I would be without being able to openly talk to someone – UK

The therapist is really nice! Feels like talking to someone that really cares about your feelings. I appreciate her time and it helped me a lot. – Spain

Excellent therapist. I felt really good talking to her about my problems and I want to continue doing so. – South America

Very nice – USA

My Counselor is wonderful. I’ve been very skeptical about seeking therapy in the past, and after just one session I feel like I was heard without being misinterpreted. I *highly* recommend her to everyone. – USA

We’ve only had one conversation, already she’s been extremely helpful.-USA

Tailor your own programme

Most popular choice

Choose 2 sessions and have them over the weekend or during an afternoon of your preference.

Includes relationship, family and anxiety counseling.

Some sessions are 35 pounds

Follow up sessions are 15-25 pounds depending on requirements.

To take your assessment today email nnfoltheray@gmail.com

Program includes 2 emails.

Anger management related to deep childhood trauma. Includes anxiety management and stabilisation skills. 30-40 minute sessions. 4 session package.

75 GBP for 4 sessions

Trust and inner purification. Working through uncertainty or grief. working towards healing.

65 GBP 2 sessions 45 minutes each.

Trauma and friendship assessment https://anchor.fm/nnfol/episodes/Working-through-your-Narcissism-behaviours-through-assessing-your-friendships-and-trauma-patterns-e1fbms1

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