NNFOL Professional Counseling

Hello and welcome to NNFOL professional counseling.

I’m Hal.  I love what I do.  I am really passionate about family and resolving conflict.  Most of my peers have trusted me to listen and support them.
I don’t rush to judge and try to support my clients at really crucial moments in their lives.
I used to work on 7cups listening sympathetically to anonymous users globally.  It really moved me when I was told that having someone to confide in would help clients overcome and begin to heal from their trauma.  Sometimes clients want to talk to someone trained and certified.  The nice thing is I also work with a supervisor who is registered with the British Psychological Society.  This means I try to adhere to the ethics and guidelines set out by their protocol.

In my spare time I counsel women in domestic abusive situations free of charge. 

I enjoy writing and voice messaging.  I love human reflections in Art.

I am Muslim and I also provide holistic therapy coaching.

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