NNFOL Professional Counseling

Welcome to the NNFOL Counseling Center. I have been an online counselor providing online therapy via videocall and text messaging. I provide therapy based on the supervision and second opinions of Psychotherapists from the NCS and BACP. Face to Face appointments are 2 hour sessions in the Swindon, Town Centre Area, United Kingdom.

2 Hour Counseling costs $100.

For more information on Video Counseling.

Affordable video counseling Fees.

Anxiety, workplace, bereavement, relationship and confidence counseling online and emailing.

Loyalty base customers receive free 15 minute phone talk therapy sessions every month.

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Text 00447708080207 for free consultation.

Email NNFOLTHERAPY@gmail.com for further queries.

I do not at current provide supervision services.


From the very first few messages NNFOL has been so helpful. We got directly down to issues and knew just where to start and where to go. – USA

My counselor was nice and very supportive of me. I feel as if I can get over my problems one step at a time now. – Japan

Helping me with positive messages and always able to provide good help and support. I can’t wait until our next session together. She sounds like a really nice person. and I think I should be able to get better soon at this rate! – USA

She was really nice, and helped me with mental exercises to help me when I feel overwhelmed. Looking forward to our next session. – Spain

A great Listener I feel a little bit better with all the words of encouragement given.- USA

Prior to getting counseling I wasn’t sure how or where my life was heading but now I’ve been able to share my thoughts and feelings I’ve been able to have someone help me stand back and try understand why I feel the way I do and other actions. I’m not sure where I would be without being able to openly talk to someone – UK

The therapist is really nice! Feels like talking to someone that really cares about your feelings. I appreciate her time and it helped me a lot. – Spain

Excellent therapist. I felt really good talking to her about my problems and I want to continue doing so. – South America

Very nice – USA

My Counselor is wonderful. I’ve been very skeptical about seeking therapy in the past, and after just one session I feel like I was heard without being misinterpreted. I *highly* recommend her to everyone. – USA

We’ve only had one conversation, already she’s been extremely helpful.-USA

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5 thoughts on “NNFOL Professional Counseling

  1. recommending Ms. Halayma Khatun, I counseled with her on 7 Cups (waited too long and am now unable to write a review….. She was great!! I learned a lot, Halayma was very insightful and she was emotionally liberating and purifying to talk to, I thought! Thank you Halayma!!

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