Change how you feel, find strength and inner will. Feel embraced, loved, accepted and hope today.

Welcome to Fountain of Light Counseling Centre.

We specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management and family counseling. We use CBT and Faith based counseling to help clients move past their moments of crisis. Fountain of Light follows the criteria set out in UK counseling guidelines. Our Counselors are professionally trained and qualified with full UK insurance.

 All communication is confidential

“Our main concern was that Therapy was hard to schedule for some, and for others it was simply not affordable. We have a program that gives you every reason to shun all excuses. Here you will find a safe space to start healing, to transform yourself into a person who has deep insight into your emotional space and understands more about your needs. A place where you won’t be rejected and progress is an honest pace.  I don’t care who you are, where your from, here you are accepted.” – Sister Haleema


From the very first few messages she has been so helpful. She got directly down to issues and knew just where to start and where to go. – USA

She was nice and very supportive of me. I feel as if I can get over my problems one step at a time now. – Japan

Helping me with positive messages and always able to provide good help and support. I can’t wait until our next session together. She sounds like a really nice person. and I think I should be able to get better soon at this rate! – USA

She was really nice, and helped me with mental exercises to help me when I feel overwhelmed. Looking forward to our next session. – Spain

A great Listener I feel a little bit better with all the words of encouragement given.- USA

Prior to getting counciling I wasn’t sure how or where my life was heading but now I’ve been able to share my thoughts and feelings I’ve been able to have someone help me stand back and try understand why I feel the way I do and others actions. I’m not sure where I would be without being able to openly talk to someone – UK

She is really nice! Feels like talking to someone that really cares about your feelings. I appreciate her time and it helped me a lot. – Spain

Excellent therapist. I felt really good talking to her about my problems and i want to continue doing so. – South America

Very nice – USA

SisterHaleemaCounselor is wonderful. I’ve been very skeptical about seeking therapy in the past, and after just one session I feel like I was heard without being misinterpreted. I *highly* recommend her to everyone. – USA

We’ve only had one conversation, already she’s been extremely helpful.-USA

Plans start at just $35/ Month




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