Weight loss vegetarian ideas.

This is an effective meal plan for weight loss with minimal cardio workouts. It can be used once a week. Delicious with a variety of flavors and can be purchased from any grocery store. Consisting of ready meals if your short on time.


2 slices of toast with olive oil spread 213 calories.

Cup of coffee with 2 teaspoons of sugar 70 calories


Lime and honey tea 22 calories


2 vegetarian lincolnshire sausages by Linda Macartney. 120 Calories.

A packet of lentil chips, 91 calories.

100-150ml of smoothie 85 calories.


Roast potatoes with Dal Tadka and white or brown rice 353 calories approx


Fruit salad plus any vegetarian treats. Upto 400 calories.


This shouldn’t be done everyday and of course you can add as many grilled vegetables and a salad if you want, but once a week with very light exercise should help attain your weight loss goals. Vegetarians weigh less than meat eaters and so once a week is a nice compromise.

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