Detox plan for half a day, its manageable and can be incorporated anytime, its not so much about weight-loss but more about giving your inside a bit of a break.

Night before

Oatmeal with semi-skimmed milk

Or any high fibre cereal, mug sized.

Half a cup of semi-skimmed milk warmed with spoonful of honey.

Pre-blend your fruit smoothie now for tommorow. The idea is when you have this smoothie as a pre-lunch snack, you will consume less during lunchtime

Pre-bake your lasagne, heres a link for ideas;

Lasagne Calories.


Morning time

1 Cup of green tea with lemon and honey

Mid Morning

1 Cup of green tea, lemon and honey is optional

or 1 glass of mineral water with shredded mint and lemon.

1/2 a spoon of black seeds with honey.

Before Noon you should aim to complete a 30-40 minute walking workout, Lumowell channel on Youtube has some effective walking workouts, my favourite is the 45 minute weight-loss walking workout. You are left with enough energy to complete your daily activities.

Late morning

Exotic fruits smoothie, anything with mango, Aldi has some pretty impressive frozen fruits, mix it with alittle blackcurrant syrup/Ribena for more flavour, replace the apple juice with water instead.


Vegetarians can have vegetarian lasagne – store bought ready made meals is fine.

Semi-Vegetarians can have a fist full of seafood with vegetables, baked or cooked, or even a salad.

Non-vegetarians can try a fistful of grilled or baked chicken with palm-sized carbs of your choice.


Anything you want, palm-sized and drink plenty of water. I personally recommend sliced bananas, scoop of fat free yogurt with honey.


Low fat lean beef lasagne or a homemade burger, which can be vegetarian, and some sides, include vegetables or a salad within the burger. If you opt for french fries a really cool alternative is sweet potato fries that can be grilled or baked. Investing in a healthy cooker can be good long term for reducing fried foods.

Keep yourself hydrated, do a 20 minute workout before hitting the bed, don’t eat anything afterwards so that your body burns calories while you’re sleeping.

Never do this 2 days in a row. If you do, you may find yourself feeling tired and unable to perform daily activities. the body works efficiently with macro nutrients.







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