Free therapy May 2018 Online

We use HIPAA standard software to communicate with all clients.

It is an online service, that means you can reside in any country while seeking help, just make sure that you’re clear about suitable timings.

We counsel according to UK standard guidelines and request that all information be kept confidential as you would during a regular doctors appointment.

This year we have seen male clients seek free help, usually every Ramadan its been women, but its a nice change that we welcome.

Therapy for #AddictionRecoverySupport #Depression #MentalHealth #ThriveAfterAbuse

As we have stated before this service was originally made for refugees but it seems many vulnerable people have taken the brave step of coming forward and we really do applaud that.

Therapy program is based on a four week program, we request that you watch our next video on YouTube to make the most of your program.


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