No matter where, its never too late to make resolve.

This Counselor is great. We have only been working together for a few days but she’s already given me a much better understanding of my issues and concrete things to do to get on the path to being a better me. She goes the extra mile to understand the situation and makes me feel that I’m not alone in what I’m facing.

I’ve only been communicating a very brief time with this counselor but feel like I’ve already started making progress. I’ve had counselors in the past with whom I’ve felt very little guidance. Here I feel like I’m being very actively guided while still making my own essential steps.

She is an excellent counselor! Her main strength lies in problem solving, although she is still empathic and an excellent listener, she works with her clients to ensure a workable and helpful action plan is in place. You won’t waist your money by utilizing her services, she is always ready to help you on your journey!

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