Weight loss booster in one week

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Losing weight can be difficult during high stress levels or depression. Its essential to bring one’s conscious into a deep relaxed state. The aim of this booster is to ignite the passion to exercise and become healthier and stronger long term. Please do not try this for more than 7 days and please consult a doctor if you have any concerns. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a prior condition please use caution and seek professional guidance.

The key to this week long program is the diet and nutrition.

Day One

Drink Senna tea (less than a teaspoonful of loose leaves in a big cup)  ~ the key to senna tea, is to not only infuse the tea in hot water but to reheat the tea in the microwave for a maximum of 2 minutes. The maximum amount of senna passes through the water this way. Add some honey and drink. Within 6-8 hours there maybe a strong bowel movement.

Drink one cup of green tea or black coffee, alittle sugar or honey is fine.

exercise steadily – this could be a 30 minute walk on the spot, or step ups on the stairs. and lots of stretching.

Planks on hands and knees 4 times for 20 seconds each plank.

at around 11.30 am have your first meal. It can be anything from 2 slices of toast with Jelly or eggs scrambled. It should be filling.


Late lunch/early dinner

Beef burger in a burger bun. one condiment. Perhaps some salad on the side, but no french fries.

One cup of juice, water, tea, or coffee with something sweet, like one cookie. Instead of having a cheat day, we incorporate small treats throughout the week, here we need to be careful not to be indulgent, so instead of having 5 small cookies have a maximum of 2.

Day 2

Meal prep

Bolognese, make bolognese the usual way, but once its cooled, divide into 5 containers and freeze, these can be used throughout the week, some of it can be added to taco mix, and some of it can be used in soup.

Carrots and cucumbers and hummus, to be eaten throughout the week.

Grapes, almonds, mineral water.

Chicken curry, dice chicken breast and brown, add some ginger garlic paste and fry in alittle oil add some masala spices, and then add a tin of tomato soup or squeeze some tomato puree or add a pasta sauce. you can add alittle cardamom powder and cumin (if you dont have masala spices), fry onions in a seperate pan and stir in one teaspoon of salt. Mix it all together, and simmer for 15-20 minutes till the breast has become tender.

Again let this cool down and divide it into containers. and store in the coldest part of your fridge, have it within 48 hours. (Day 2 and day 3)

Boil rice or pasta and this can be added to either the bolognese or the chicken during dinner or lunch times.

Day 2 involves having flavourful dishes, such as tacos, bolognese or chicken tikka curry, its okay to have carbs such as rice, or pasta, but the key to each meal is, portion size.

The challenge here, is to put enough food that will cover 1/3 or your plate. Before starting to eat drink one whole glass of milk, or water. Finish your meal off with something sweet.


Yoga for 20 minutes

Planks this time, perform a variety, side planks on knees and makesure you lift up the waist on each side 3-6 times, holding each plank for 10 seconds. Do planks on elbows, full body plank for 30 seconds.

Pressups on knees – 20 times.

Bellydance ondulations and internal hip circles, look up online. For 5 minutes.

Day 3

Senna tea, this time only a small cup

Coffee, tea, any carb, some fruit.

Delay first full meal till 11.30, this can be pasta, or rice with chicken.

Yoga for hips and back pain. (20 minutes is enough). Rehab with a hot water bottle, place it on your lower back and glutes, and then do some streching.

Meal – Pasta, bolognese, chicken,


Day 4

No Senna tea, breakfast as usual today.

snack – almond milk with a little spirulina and maca powder.

Lentil soup with some of your chicken or beef, add cinnamon and spices of your choice.

Start your exercise routine with 10 minutes of yoga (videos can be found on youtube) makesure you stretch and loosen the lower back and hips and knees and follow a suitable warm up

Today you will do a hiit workout for 17 minutes.


Day 5 follow diet from day 1

exercise routine is HIIT for 13 minutes, then do abdominal work, situps, crunches, planks with some ballet pliate with weights (wide leg squats)

Day 6

You can have pizza for dinner and some ribs if you have been good all day. No senna tea today. But only have skimmed milk in hot drinks and meals if recipes call for milk.

1 hour of walking and belly dance ondulation and internal hip circles, it involves contraction of the lower abs, then left glute, lift hip and then contract lower back and drop hip, the . contract right glute and lift hip, then drop and contract the lower ab, this should be done for 10 minutes. Planks and russian twists, Perform major muscle group exercises with weights, like the burpee and then as you stand up lift weight above the shoulder. Lunges, and then do tricep extensions or rows.

Day 7

Same as day 1.










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