Its not an apparent bully ~ Media

So this week some serious matters have come to the attention of the public, and a royal has taken a step back, and decided to pursue other career ambitions. Without naming anyone in particular I just thought I would discuss what is really going on.


So when a person of color, or an outsider joins a very long line of tradition, sometimes certain societies are so powerful that they will constantly criticise this coloured person and make them so uncomfortable, they just wont accept them for who they really are, and real business relationships are founded on genuineness. If this mistreatment had happened to a person from a non coloured background, they would have been more readily accepted. In that respect you can say that there was some unfairness, and as a counselor you can see that there is just way to much pressure in the spotlight. Its not an obvious form of racism but there is an element of non acceptance. Its quite hard to see a person become a mother, become ambitious and also care yet be beaten up for life choices so publicly, it felt like there was no real sensitivity. If we only see this person as a royal, we will lose sight of our compassion in viewing them as another person in their 30s trying to figure life out like the rest of us. These past few days the news has been so depressing I recommend just switching off for a few days and focusing on the things that really count.

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