beat loneliness

hello and warm wishes for the week! its been a while so i thought I would share some tips on beating loneliness, as you know different countries have implemented a public safety strategy and it would be hard not to feel disconnected during this time. I really hope families call loved ones more often and friends check in on one another and congregations pray for each other. Please do think about joining online forums and local groups online to just say Hi or express a need. sometimes on You Tube there are live streams of relaxation videos like NASA etc and so people can message eachother, I know its not the same as having someone right infront of you. Other people in Italy are singing from their balconies so isolated neighbours nearby can hear voices and not feel low moods. The hardest part could be having to sit with the thoughts of loneliness, so remind yourself it is a thought and an uncomfortable feeling but it will pass. It may be a wise idea to put together a DIY self soothing kit. It could consist of art pencils, pens, jigsaws, books, some sachets of hot cocoa etc. There are social media sites called older is wiser and its designed for elderly. There may also be online quiz activities too so please keep a look out for those. Surround yourself with vibrant colors and keep a list of friends numbers who you would like to reach out to.

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