Is your soul tired?

What makes us feel better? When we have tried everything, yet when you close your eyes, there are feelings felt that you just cant explain. You have worked out, you have gone for a walk, taken a relaxing bath, had a healthy meal and you’re well hydrated. See the mind, body and soul are all connected. Sometimes we are so focused on our physiological needs we overlook the root of the issues.

Some people carry on with their routine not thinking twice about the following signs of spiritual fatigue

Feeling drained of energy, going to bed early, waking up the next day and not feeling well rested.

Experiencing unexplained body aches, normally its connected to stress, anxiety, somatic pain from past trauma.

Unexplainanble procrastination.

Sustained cold.

Ear aches and headaches, inability to process light.

Feeling emotionally numb.

Feeling nauseous after breakfast.

Lost appetite for spousal time and affection.

Feel like crying but cant explain why, feel angry but cant explain why.

Keeping conversations humorous to deflect away from internal pain.

See one thing we must remember is that we are all connected, and we need to find support, a quiet place for conversation without feeling judged.

Sometimes its important to realise its okay to be human and to process hurt, guilt, unwanted affection, grief. We live in such a world that we are forced to look successful. We are good enough processing spiritual pain frees our bodies of unwanted toxic feelings.

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