this is a real interesting read for those looking to enhance their diet for weightloss.

Having said that yesterday marked the day of ashura, every year we give free therapy on Ashura and Ramadan. This year was no different. Everyone has a right to feel heard and sometimes it helps to find a safe space to begin the healing process. If you have had depression sometimes it feels like nothing is going to work, but sometimes when you have someone to hold you it feels safer if that makes sense.

I spoke to a client and he was really uncomfortable to open up and I said fine, how about we just give you some coping tools and skills that may help ground you during ptsd or panic or even when anxiety strikes, and he was very cool about it. Not everyone is ready for therapy, but they just like to plan and research and perhaps in todays climate were transitioning back into work some people are aware its the lockdown that has contributed to how they are feeling so they just want to step back into work first and see if that alleviates the symptoms.

From this lockdown i have learned the best thing you can do in furlough is train and study and exercises frequently. That time needs to pass as usefully as possible and the more skills you have the better fighting chance you have at finding work. some people have become self employed and sales slowly go up but it does take time and you have to constantly tell yourself this is normal, so theres this exercise i have developed that one can do to encourage self belief and a sense of self and it increases confidence, very simple yet powerful.

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