How will I feel after my first session?

Clients feel various emotions before, during and after their first session.

Some clients may feel calmer, more supported and reassured.

Some clients may discuss domestic or past issues which can uncover deep feelings of self worth, and some new voices are aroused.

Let me begin by explaining that this is perfectly normal. This is one of the main reasons why I will be incredibly patient and supportive.

Some clients even males may find it really hard after the first session, even though during the session they felt heard, its the after effects, the uncertainty of the future that they feel unsure about.

What I do is I try to incorporate a sense of self as well as self care for the client, this is the reason why I follow up weekly to answer any questions.

Having a first session of therapy is about waking up the feelings beneath the thoughts, some people feel unable to express their true honest self to their family and friends around them and in therapy they arent used to discovering their thoughts with a therapist.

Someone once told me it’s like a snow globe. You have to shake it all up (& it looks chaotic) but then it settles. Snow globes are beautiful things.

If you are worried its okay to talk to me about it and I will find new creative pathways to cope during this healing process.

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