Text therapy 2021

This past year has been interesting. It has been really hard to look at pain in the eye and address the walls it has caused, It has been hard stepping away from feeling like a victim of loss and transforming into a survivor.

Sometimes the loss is magnified because we haven’t taken the time to deal with the triggers and perhaps we weren’t  ready to dive into.

I was wondering what changes you felt enabled you to move forward and explore your true self? What changes took place in your routine that helped you re-map the way your mind thinks and feels?

Have you thought about exploring self-sabotaging beliefs, if so what are they? If you could draw upon your inner child and ask him or her, what they would want to change, what would they say?

Some people experiencing loss and pain experience the following :

Dead friendships that have no purpose or serve very little.

Business relationships built off of ego instead of love.

Loss of a soulmate who play with your heart in their hands.

Difficult boundaries with family members who fail to honour them.

Letting go of a well compensating career path.

When we choose to show up and do the work, we choose to say yes. Yes, to ourselves. Yes, to becoming a more aligned person. Yes, to healthier relationships. Yes, to growth. Yes to releasing what no longer serves us. It is definitely not easy to walk this path, it can be uncertain, it can expose you to feeling misunderstood, but it’s your path to become a more fulfilled person.

We can choose to let go, we can choose to overcome. We can choose to confront those self sabotaging thoughts.

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