The hardest thing I’ve ever done…

Moving from one home to another can be extraordinary, especially if it is for starting a new chapter and not knowing what is on the other side. Some people find change difficult and it’s important to find their true feelings when such change has been driven by alot of hurt. Sometimes having someone qualified and experienced to talk to during this transition feels cathartic and relieving. Every single person has a right to feel heard and supported and sometimes counseling can bring up feelings of self esteem you didn’t realise existed in a very long time. Being true and real can be a very raw experience and fortunately counseling managed with a tailored month long program maximises the effects of mental and emotional transformation. I have counseled over 600 people, many who are from world renowned organisations such as the WHO, World bank, Goldman’s Sachs. Some find the value in having a single session each month and others receive complimentary therapy due to their consistent performance. If you would like to give group therapy a try under confidential group calls email, sessions start at £15 a session.

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