Email therapy

Many clients have benefitted from my email therapy services. Sometimes there’s lack of opportunity to hold face to face sessions and sometimes all clients wish to do is share their email journals and get some warm, confidential and professional insight. All clients are asked to create a new email account to correspond with and set confidential settings on. This can easily be done with protonmail and Gmail now. Facebook and WhatsApp do also have encrypted versions but users often prefer Gmail. Email sessions are also more affordable and convenient, and each session usually comprises of 3 emails with prices starting at £22. After signing up you will be given an assessment and triggers worksheet to help understand your therapy goals, the second email will comprise of in depth email ‘Chat’ designed to allow you to express yourself in depth with a time setting of 72 hours, after which is should automatically delete. And your final email will have a plan or some target focused therapy to focus on as homework. Under no circumstance should any email or advice be shared with third parties to respect the Client-Therapist boundaries and at all times social media handles should not be shared.

How many sessions will I need?

It is entirely upto you but I have seen clients stride improve within 2 months of starting therapy with me, if we get stuck or if I genuinely think it’s not working, I will genuinely refer you out of clinic.

What if I am afraid of how therapy will make me feel afterwards?

It is crucial to be really open in your third email about how your session impacted you after your second email. Clients have reported feeling relief, feeling better, feeling more hope to feeling tired, feeling anxious, feeling down, feeling shame. I have shared many self caring tips and grounding skills to help ground unwanted feelings and more skills will be shared during the second and third email.

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