Marriage tips for husbands and fathers

Here is a podcast you can share with your husband, father, brother or friend, it share small tips on how to emotionally support your spouse, small actions, great impact.

If you would like me to discuss a particular topic email me.

Holiday time with narcissistic individuals NNFOL Mental Health Support

Tips and advice
  1. Holiday time with narcissistic individuals
  2. Working through your Narcissism behaviours through assessing your friendships and trauma patterns
  3. How to change narcissistic behaviour
  4. Searching for the romance in sickness
  5. How to emotionally support your child and wife – simple strategy

Appointments can be scheduled with 72 hours notice, both fathers and child can be included in a single session. Couple’s counseling usually takes place individually as each partner has unique needs.

Paypal and bank transfer are both accepted.

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