Couple’s communication questions

Sit down in a quiet place and call your husband, and him if he could write down the following questions, and have a think about the answers when you are both ready to talk and discuss each one openheartedly, refer back to these questions.

What is a personal strength you have worked so hard to cultivate since the last time we spoke?

Are you a visual or audio learner? How do you learn best? What matters most during the lesson? Learning through role play and practice working through test/experimental solutions? Being given the space and time to find your comfort level with learning? What makes learning so rewarding?

Success is built on a mountain of failures. Having said that some trauma makes it challenging to cope with failure. What form of healing do you feel you need to forgive that trauma? How could you improve supporting one another when either of you encounters failure or success?

What three things have you taken pride in that God has blessed you with?

If you and your spouse could choose your own secret service code names, what would they be?

How can you develop trust between eachother?

What do you fear the most about sharing your worries with eachother?

What is one feeling you’d love to experience everyday?

What is one rule about communication that you can promise eachother that you’ll follow?

What does your partner need to know in order to support you when you’re upset?

Is motivation a trigger word in your relationship? How has it helped or hindered you?

This page tries to encourage couples to focus on the communication styles and continuing to learn about effective discussion, there ae so many effective techniques, sometimes couples can correlate and be in sync with another and sometimes sticking to rigid methods can hinder the love in a relationship.

People can change through counseling and mediating. Some people want to find better company to keep to build honesty and trust. Communication is an art form and it regularly needs to be addressed and fine tuned. It is how we humans connect with one another and it can really develop the attraction between spouses.

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